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Very nice Shane, love that shape, but to be honest, I am truly surprised the CA finish didn't flake off after using the shoe polish ? ( you had no trouble with that ? )
Also, did you freehand carve the flats on the grip or use a bandsaw, etc ?
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Thank you Darrell. I've used the shoe polish lots on knife handles and never had problem putting a top coat over it. Never really thought about it lol. But the CA seemed to take really good!

Yes bud all freehand. I use the same thing as I do with all my metal frames, flap wheel on an angle grinder lol. Hold the grinder in my right hand and the part in the left and let er go!!
Also I cut the profile out with a scroll saw.
Oh no, no, no....I've imagined a high tech metal laboratory with lazers, and levels, and magicnometers, and perfectomagnichrome machines specially balanced to crank out your metal voodoo slings. And NOW you are saying you've got an angle grinder duct taped to a $12 80grit flap sanding wheel that you are working FREEHAND to make your slings??!?! And then salt in the wound with black shoe polish and super glue???! I'll tell you that there is a very fine line between being impressed and pissed!!!
We are all friends here. It is perfectly okay to lie to us! Maybe say that you rubbed that Maple frame for a thousand hours with the hair from a black stallion??? Or that you forge your metal frames in a secret deal with the devil????!!

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Top comment, loving this. Lolz

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