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OK when I get up in the morning I go outside my back door and I have a 50 yard gong for my pistols .
I take a handful of marbles and I start off with the PFS Bone Grip and go to the other Bone Grip and then my patriot and two or three other slingshot which ever hits the gong the most in three shots I use for the day unless first shot then I use it
Today was the wide frame Bone Grip with pink band This is a 9.5mm steel
At 50 yards 1/2 board
I know in guns we determine if it's lethal if we can go through that piece of plywood at a given distance so not bad smack
The double odd buck stick in the trees
And .319-.40 when hitting the gong will flatten them halfway
When I get a little better I'll go to have stronger band but I was surprised


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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