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So I have seen a lot of talking about the different types of bands, forks and pouches and that is GREAT but what about the ammo. Round is not a perfect aerodynamic shape as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong). A Speed bicycle helmet is more of a drop shape. Maybe the tail could go through the pouch and the thicker part inside? Or what about the shape of a golf-ball? With little dents on it? Or scraped lines on it, to get it to sort of spin?
There must be something to gain from a lesser air resistant shape?

Anyone tried this?

Lets make the steel fly FAST
In slinging we use oblong shapes (or elliptical you could say) and when I catapult I do as much as possible, they fly excellently and fit in the pouch just lovely; favourite type of stones are the oblong flint-stones, they come in a variety of sizes and have a decent weight to them, because of the density of flint. They seem to work especially well over long distance. This was originally brought to my attention through slinging dot org, it's an old medieval way of molding lead for a melee weapon. Good question.
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