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In 2013 I purchased a slingshot from Performance Catapult. Since then I had 5 operations on my hands

and retired. Never got to use the piece on art. The conversation with Performance I saved to show the price I paid at that time.

Performance Catapults Yup, that's the current starting price. I have Osage, maple, Bolivian rosewood, Brazilian Ebony, curly lychee, santos mahogany and bubinga. Got the Bolivian rosewood and paid 179.00.

Asking 125.00 shipped Free in the USA. anywhere else actual cost.

Pictures enclosed. email me at [email protected] I do a lot through paypal. Thanks


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That is the epitome of flips. I totally understand Rocky about the hands. A real friend gave me an SPS and I shoot it...but 50 to 100 shots and my left thumb freezes and get real mad at me.

But the South American Rosewood is a fine a wood figure as there is. Worth so much more money...But I truly get wanting it to be used.

Andy, you're gonna have some fun!
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