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Dugi was kind enaf to offer me one of his Pickle Fork Shooters and I half to say this little guy is great. Now I like small cattys and this one is about 25% smaller than I'm use to so it took me awhile to get use to and once I changed the pouch as I don't shot to well with the small pouch's I did much better with it. The small size of it makes it a part of your hand when you hold it so all you need to do is extend your hand out draw the pouch and shot. It was really easer to shoot than I expected. Now when I changed the pouch I was messing with tubs at the same time and decided to attach the pouch on flats the same as I do my tubes and it works good for me no slip and holds tight.
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I like the way you attached the pouch with the tubes. I have not thought of that and now I gotta try it.
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