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After searching this forum looking for some nice naturals I managed to come across many that I loved. One afternoon I went for a look to see if I could find a nice treefork and after about 10 minutes I found a nice pine fork. I know that pine is a softwood but the maximum ammo I would be shooting is 3/8" steel and the forks are quite thick. The fork tips measure 23mm on each but I can easily fit a 25/20mm taper on there.

I began by debarking the fork. It was already dry so it was easy to get the bark off as it detached from the wood itself. After debarking it I began to shape it the way I wanted with a decent fork gap (around 60mm from inside to inside at the top of the forks). After this I managed to carve in some nice finger grooves to fit my hand perfectly. I made dips where the band would go over the forks (OTT frame) to guide the bands into the centre of the forks. I then used a small circular file to go around each fork where the elastic would wrap around for wrap and tuck. After all of this I sanded down to the nice grain using 200 grit and finished with 400 grit. Some people seem to think 400 is still too coarse but it came out extremely smooth enough for me. I then applied 5 coats of boiled linseed oil to stain the wood before finally applying a wax finish. After this I decided that I wanted a lanyard to go around my hand so I got a little screw eye, applied some superglue on it then screwed it into the fork. It wouldn't budge a bit after 20 minutes.

In the end it only took around 4 hours to make. I have been shooting this slingshot for about a month now with zero problems and can successfully hit a Gatorade cap 4/5 times from 12 meters.

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