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Pitbull Template

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As promised I finally got around to making this template up.

I call this frame the "Pitbull" because it is full sized frame but still quite pocket able. It is a outside the fork setup. This setup I personally find easier to aim which has assisted me in increasing my accuracy. I use this frame with the finger hook and thumb grip, it also can be used with a choke grip quite well to. It is a pinkie hole style frame which may be something unfamiliar to you but I find it to help stabilize the frame very well.

It can be made from any material. The tools I used for this was a hand rasp, 80-2000 grit sand paper, an orbital or sheet sander of any kind, a drill press (for pins and making into a spindle sander for edges and fine work), a coping saw (to get the frame pieces cut out) and the most important tool for me on these builds is a belt sander (shapes and forms the frame very fast). Make sure to wear a high quality mask to get rid of toxic dust, micarta and aluminum is not forgiving

The reason I suggest a lot of sanding tools for this it is because it not fun hand sanding micarta and if it is your first attempt you will be hours deep wondering why this isn't looking right yet. If you choose to make this with a wood frame you could save yourself some man hours and still yield a wonderful result.

Thanks for viewing!

I hope you take the time to try out one of these frames. I love outside the fork setups now and sling with it all the time.


Download PDF
Download PDF
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