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After reading the threads about cardboard penetration, I was reminded of some "experiments" I did shooting lead balls into sheets of plywood. There have been some interesting results and discrepancies. For instance, I bought two sheets of new plywood of seemingly the same type but different thicknesses and sizes

sheet 1: 2 feet by 3 feet by 12 mm thick
sheet 2: 2 feet by 4 feet by 18 mm thick

Guess which one was penetrated more easily? The 18 mm thick one! Perhaps the thinner stuff is more bouncy and flexible and can dissipate the energy of the shot better. Perhaps the fact that one sheet was 2' x 3' while the other was 2' x 4' was significant. Perhaps there is variation in plywood strength due to imprecise manufacturing or poor storage.

Does anybody have any more theories? Has anyone else experimented with plywood?

Here are some pics that I posted in Melchior's forum of what happened when I used silver thera tubes to shoot 1250 grain (yes you read it correctly) lead balls at the 18 mm thick sheet
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