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I’ve been enjoying these frames on and off for the past few weeks. I built these as prototypes and think it is probably decent enough to share? I am very much a novice, with each build I am still learning about design subtleties, please forgive me for any design errors if you do attempt this…

You’ll find both OTT and TTF versions depicted. The prototype builds pictured are for my right hand hold.

This template fits my hand perfectly but you will NEED TO SCALE for your own hand. I think that if your middle and ring fingers fit into the space marked AB on the template, the rest of the frame should scale comfortably for your hold. I suggest to measure the two fingers across the digits closest to the knuckle. This is the part that fits into the space. Then, just scale the frame proportionately so the AB dimensions corresponds to your measurements. Note that the fork-tips will also change with scaling but the fork-tips and this template are small so it won’t hurt if you let the fork-tips widen with scaling. I’ll leave it to you if you want to make any adjustments. It might be wise to cut out a cardboard template first to check the fit? Note also that you may want to shape a taper down towards the tip of the pinky claw if it bothers you.

No usage restrictions… Please feel free to further develop and or modify the design. Enjoy!

Download PDF
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