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I know the dominant eye thing is brought up quite a bit, but that doesn't change which eye you use on which hand. For aiming you use the eye that is closes to your anchor. Holding the slingshot with the left hand you are positioned with the right eye being closest to your anchor and path of the ammo so you should at least have that eye open, and visa versa with the other hand.

Eye dominance comes into play when determining if you should shoot with both eyes open. If your dominant eye is the eye farthest from your anchor, it may interfere with focusing on your point of aim, and you may have to shoot with that eye closed to "force" your non-Dom to focus. If your aim eye is the dominant eye then shooting with both eyes open may not be a hindrance.

Source: Eye 1 Or Eye 2...

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Oct 20 2012 12:23 AM

Thank you. Information like this is so helpful for a beginner.

Head Eye Bird Art Snout

Oct 21 2012 03:26 AM

You are welcome.. and thank you for the comment, it is nice to know that it helps.

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