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Good day Slingshot shooters

I have multiples rigs to help me attaching a pouch to band. Here is my opinion on 3 of them

  1. Horse shoe and C-clamp rig
    1. Nice and not bulky
    2. No expensive from GZK
    3. Solid construction
  2. Stainless steel Accessories Rubber band assistant
    1. Bulky but it is very useful if you have many different pouches size
    2. It is about 30 $ so not that cheap from Aliexpress or GZK
    3. Construction is OK not very solid
  3. The "T" hand hold tool
    1. Pretty hand and small
    2. It is OK if you don't have to tie many pouches
    3. It is fast and will get the job done
    4. It is real cheap about 2 or 3$ from GZK

I like to use the Horse shoe, I find it very handy and not bulky.

Peace to you all, we all love to shoot our slingshot


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Heck I'm using two clamps and 550 cord. Tie the cord ends to both clamps with enough 550 to go around the legs. Clamps on top 550 runs under. Like a reverse thigh master. Spread'em legs to stretch and tie away.

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I never could get the t handle thing to work for me, I was probably doing it wrong but oh well. I use the same pouch length pretty exclusively so the fixed length one I made works pretty well for me. I do use a plastic version of the horseshoe one for thin tubes though as it is easier for me to get a good grip on them with hemostats than the clamps on my big jig.


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Funny you guys posted this thread, I just sent this pic over to my Pseudo Post thread.

I just constructed this today using a small milling table and a couple of aluminum post, I will mount it on a board for more security in a few days. This is used for making a Pseudo tube configurations, but very quickly be used for pouch/elastic attachments with a 5" to 6" wire extension which I will make this weekend. The tube as you can see in this pic is being stretched 8 inches, I don't think I stretch it that far when I draw 32.5". The singles are what really stretches !!!

I will attach a cup to hold scissors and a couple more attachments to hold Butchers twine, Chinese elastic ribbon, a small ruler, super glue and so on. I think when I get through it will work out pretty good.

I needed more than the units I have gotten in the past from China and here in the USA.


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