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Here is what we use to do for shotgun birds with catty here in Italy in my (far) youthness.
1) Drop some pellets (small balls) in small single sheat piece of paper (neswspaper whorks very well).
2) Twist the surplus paper (just like charm's wrapping).
3) Soack the whole thing in whater with some corn flaws, or any other kind of very mild glue: coccoine whorks well.
4) When dry you must cut the twisted part as near as possible at the paper pouch with the pellets in, letting a small opening but not big enaught to have pellets slipping out.
Shooting this "sweet"projectiles with the small opening facing the forks will make ithem act like a parachute. The paper sheat will open for the effect of the air after a few meters, the pellets will continue theyr letal fly.
Believe it whorks.
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