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Pouch giveaway :)

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Hey all I went a little crazy punching out pouches so I am giving away some. The give away will run from now til 11:59pm EST 7-2-2020. Rules are simple, post the phrase "I prefer some pouches" and pick a number. I will randomly pick 3 numbers and the 3 people that are closest to the numbers get a pack of pouches :) I do not have the ability to post a video of the number draws nor can I validate the results beyond my word, if this is not acceptable you may of course choose not to participate.

The white pouches are kangaroo and the dark brown ones are cow hide. You will receive a mix of the two unless there is a religious / cultural reason that you would like to receive only one type :)

Thanks for checking out my contest and have a great 24 hours :)

P.S. If this is in the wrong part of the forum please let me know how to go about placing it in the proper spot Mods, Thanks :)


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I prefer some pouches 65

Look great Robert, thanks for the chance.

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Congrats lbojoe, Slingdude, and Treefork.....thanks for the chance Robert

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