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Pouch hold question.

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Please forgive me if this has been covered somewhere else on the forum. I searched, but didn't really know what to call the grip.
Edit: Also forgive the less than perfect hands, I've run clean out of Palmolive

I've stumbled across what I think is a great idea, but since I've only been shooting for a couple of months, I wanted to get a reality check.
I shoot TTF and I've settled on focusing on the knuckles up grip since this seemed to work most comfortably for me and allows me to avoid speed bumps.
I've noticed that when viewed across all of the shots that I've taken with that grip I have a tendency to shoot right. This is across different bandsets of varying power and lengths and with 5/16" and 3/8" steel ammo.
I was debugging my release when I noticed that the relationship between my thumb and forefinger is such that my grip on the ammo forces a dirty release. They don't line up parallel. I'm sure that's true for many folks, but in thinking about how I could get my grip identical on top and bottom, I flashed on what little I know about archery technique where the string is held in the first knuckles of the pointer and middle fingers with a finger on either side of the arrow.
I realized that I could hold the ammo pouch in the same way. It ends up looking something like this:

When holding a pull for a shot, My hand wants to naturally collapse into a fist sort of like this:

To release, I just relax my hand.I even messed around with using my thumb to push the ammo between the fingers until it fires.
No drama, no wild shots or fork hits.
I'm aware of the advice to 'hold the ammo not the pouch". I've always understood that as a way to compensate for the difference between the way the thumb and forefinger apply pressure to the ammo. Is there something else about that advice that I haven't understood?
I've taken about 100 shots this way today and the tendency to aim right seems to have been done away with. Elevation has been consistent too, but at the anchor point I've been working with I'm shooting a bit high.
I'm using very light elastic here and I fully expect this to be a real PITA to dial in with heaver stuff and much larger ammo.
What do you folks think? Anyone else here shoot this way?
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That’s how I hold the pouch. If it works stick with it👍 I tried for a long time to shoot like the more seasoned shooters, but after many failed attempts, I settled on this grip.
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