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Pouch Leather

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One of most difficult things to do when selling band sets is to consistently get good leather for the pouches. I have purchased two hides from the same supplier of the same weight and type, one was excellent pouch leather and the other was no good. Some times the leather from the same hide is good in one area and no good in another area. Leather sellers just don't grade leather for making slingshot band pouches and most won't or cannot take the time to work with a small purchaser. I shoot all new pouch leather before selling it on pouches. I throw away a lot of leather and still a few bad pouches get by me. I have just changed my leather supplier because of this. This is also why I don't sell pouches as I have trouble making enough for my own band sales. Leather pouches are more trouble than any other part of selling band assemblies. -- Tex
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I did a fair bit of leather working when making knife sheaths. I found top leather is much tougher than split. Wet formed leather works, but doesn't retain its shape if flexed a lot.
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