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From my experience, the Chinese pouches that come with the slingshots are best suited for steel ammo up to 8 mm diameter given their size.

Moreover, I have found that a rough ballpark in terms of pouch size relative to ammo diameter (caliber) is having a pouch length that is roughly 2 x the circumference of the ammo (multiply the ammo diameter x 3.14 pi), and a pouch width roughly 1.25 to 1.50 x the ammo diameter. Both these dimensions influence velocity and accuracy (pouch material weight and shape).

Thus, using an oversized pouch for small ammo reduces projectile velocity (pouch weight), but can also cause fork hits because of ammo not well centered inside the pouch when it leaves the latter erratically upon the release.

Using an undersized pouch for the larger ammo size concerned can also cause fork hits, as the ammo is not securely rested inside the pouch.

Least but not last, making pouches is quite straightforward if you have a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, and a safe to use cutting ruler. Some examples:

Leather remnants are sometimes sold in the textile and sewing sections of certain retailers: you need to ask around.
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