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I mounted a piece of bent wire coat hanger fork on my 'slingshot on a stick' about 2 inches inside the unstretched rubber.

I used a spring clamp to mount the wire fork.

The red Theraband tubing is pulled back between the wire fork.

When I released the pouch, it could not pass beyond the wire fork and the marble was released.

The pouch remained in the same position after each shot, ready to be loaded again.

This is an extension of Joerg's pull back rubber idea.

The chrono did not detect any difference in speed between brake and no brake.

Point proven that having the pouch go beyond the fork offers no measurable speed advantage.

This may be a useful idea for a repeater.

(I am ashamed to take a photo of this crude bent hanger fork)

I intend to make a more robust brake that can be placed anywhere along the stick.

Try it.

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I suggest that instead of a hook, the bands be pretensioned with com-bow pulleys so that they have a slight amount of tension left in them at the end of the contraction stroke.
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