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Pouch Twist?

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I am still on the steep part of the learning curve. And as with most other things I do I am probably going about things backwards.

Thinking I may sling hunt ssomeday wanted to make sure power was there. After some experimenting I am confident it is. So now accuracy. Better late than never?

A couple weeks of shooting every day and accuracy is coming along. As is a good case of cheek burn to go along with it.

After much thought, and a bit of video, I am convinced my all the way to the ear anchor is a factor. I decided I could give up an inch of draw length and get around my big head with a cheek or mouth corner anchor.

Cheek rub is much better now and I am figuring out new anchor points.

While experimenting and researching this I came across some past topics and videos on pouch twisting. I tried out the twisting and think I like it. Will give it a try for a week and see if it sticks.

Seems easier for me to get high elbow, ammo holding thumd straight and pointing at target, and rest oof drawing hand relaxed, etc.

While looking at past posts there seemed to be a diversity of opinion on twisting before.

I am curious to pick experienced minds here and listen to current thinking on pouch twisting. I have tried 90 and 180 degrees and the 90 seems to feel good for me here at the start.

Any thoughts, musings, suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Way back when I shot wrist-rocket style frames, I held a slightly canted frame and didn't twist the pouch. When I started shooting gangsta style I couldn't get a comfortable wrist position without twisting the pouch 90*. My first bunch of shots were at very close distance because I thought they would go wild because of the twist. Well, the twist never caused a problem and my accuracy improved as I learned how to aim with the sideways forks. It's been about 10 years with pouch twisting and I have never hit a fork with many tens of thousands of shots. Actually, the one fork hit I had was when trying the learn aerial shooting. I moved the frame into the ball flight when tracking the moving target so I don't count that one.

I have shot 50 and 75 yards with a twisted pouch and the ammo flight is very visible on a sunny summer day. The flights look good. You can generate a curveball or dropball if your follow-through or wrist flip is bad but a solid shot with twisted pouch looks fine on the long shots. When my shoulder is rested I can do well on a pop can at 20 yards. Once it cuts in half I can sometimes do well on the hanging half of the can. I've never had a problem with twisting the pouch. With that said, I noticed that lots of the Chinese tournament shooters don't twist.

This is a good discussion topic and I often wonder whether a non-twist pouch is more accurate. If it causes wrist tension problems then it likely won't help your accuracy. Accidental pouch tweaking can ruin accuracy and cause fork hits but that's different than 90* twisting.
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