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How do these things keep getting better?



Just got my Pocket Predator Ranger 2020 OTT this week and I love it.

Every new Pocket Predator that I get seems to become my new everyday carry.

I now have the
1) Ranger 2020 OTT
2) Ring Finger OTT
3) Ring Finger Hunter OTT
4) Secret Agent

I started as a hard Simple Shot guy. I still am. I will always carry a Simple Shot. I love the Ocularis and the Clips. Nothing beats a broken band being replaced in 30 seconds. But now that I've gotten into tie on OTT... I just have to have a Predator in the pocket.

This thing is a dream. It fits my hand and style perfectly... And it's dead accurate. I'm feeling like that 2cm target in my basement might be getting a little more beat up and I might be dropping less "dang that was close" and throwing out a few more Gotchas.

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Congrats, very nice ... the green version is talking to me. My green Ring Fing Standard is a bit overdue ... I have zero sling mail patience.
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