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Instead of sketch the template on a papper, could anyone tell me a good a easy programme so I instead can use my laptop and print it?
Inkscape is free and you can make SVG files on it as well... SVG files are infinitely adjustable for size, and they can be easily imported into most CAD and CAM programs for CNC as well.

But if you're like me, you may prefer just using Paintshop Pro or the like as you can just "flow" better when creating... there's no SVG element but you can use a full pallette of tools and colors to be more creative easier...

If you're looking for a program that allows you to draw AND create 3D files like STL and IGES... then it's really hard to beat Rhino 5 and 6... Expensive, but seems to work easier and better than programs like Fusion 360... (I used Rhino 5 to do the finishing touches on many of my slingshot designs before going to be CNCed

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I designed my first board-cut slingshot using the "draw" function of MS-Word.

No high tech 3-D views, but perfectly OK to print out the basic frame shape, stick it to a piece of grey cardboard, cut it out, place the cardboard shape on the birch plywood, draw the outline shape, and subsequently proceed with the jigsaw. The grey cardboard shape is then your reusable template - quite OK.

In the worst case, an "old-school" :what: ruler and a compass instrument using squared paper also work wonders, but it's also more fiddly to do this.

Clearly, as Bill says, proper CAD software is ideal, and there is plenty of free related software available for download.
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