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Hi Guys!

After seeing "Big Sandy's" nice Gloveshot variant, I really wanted to build one of these myself, but I also decided to build a slingbow as my next project. So, I thought, why not make both in one.

On the picture, you can see the current state of my "Glovebow". The blank shape is still very crude. I will laminate another layer of multiplex to each of the side elements to further stabilize the fork and cover the ugly screws.

Wood Creative arts Nut Plywood Natural material

For my Glovebow, I didn't use a leather hand brace. Instead, I designed a kind of arch which contains a circular hole for my arrow rest. On "youtube", I found a homemade slingbow, were toothbrushes were used to build a whisker-biscuit-like arrow rest (brilliant idea, Mr. "Alukuchen"!). I made it from 3 layers of 12 mm multiplex. The middle layer contains 3 grooves for the toothbrush-parts.

Musical instrument Wood Art Wood stain Hardwood

I will keep you up to date. Thanks for watching!


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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