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Well, I had my session with the 10 year old lad yesterday. I provided him with a Ninja variant, cut from HDPE, with a bycycle innertube covering for the handle, and a lanyard. I had it set up with gypsy tabs held in place by screws and acorn nuts. I let him try a braided 111111 set up with Staples 64s. They were too heavy for him to draw comfrotably. Then I had him try a braided 333333 set up with Office Depot 33s. But he found that to be too strong for him as well. So he and I talced some more Office Depot 33s and made braided 222222 bands, which were much more to his liking. I had him begin with aluminum foil balls as ammo before moving to 3/8 inch steel.

I sent him home with the slingshot, a bunch of extra rubber bands, some talc, an extra pouch, a pvc backstop, and some leather targets of varying sizes. I had a report that he was quite excited when he got home ... he was assembling the backstop and showing his dad how everything worked. Hopefully he will get a lot of joy out of the whole package.

Those braided bands were pretty easy for him to assemble, and he had no trouble changing bands with those Gypsy tabs. And it was certainly advantageous that the draw weight was easily adjustable to suit him. In case of breakage, he can find those 33s or 32s most anywhere and make up new band sets himself.

Those braided office rubberbands certainly worked well in this situation.

Cheers ....... Charles
cool charles! that was sure nice of you!! : ) the boy still enjoying his shooter?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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