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I have never had the slightest interest in trying a chain configuration, until now. Charles, your explanation was simple, direct to the point, and I became involved in your comparison, and especially the up side of using the braid chain with a very available and cheap band. I will be trying it soon, I appreciate your sharing this information, thanks.


PS The braid chain looks great on your frame, I think that is your mod of DH's design, isn't it?
Thanks for the kind comments. Yep ... that's a Ninja variant with Gypsy tabs. It shoots very well with the braids. For "serious" work (hunting), I would use a tapered braid, which is dead easy in that configuration. Give 'em a try ... cheap and easy ... if you don't like them, you have lost very little.

Cheers ..... Charles

As a purebred Hungarian, I am curious as to what constitutes a "Gypsy tab." I'm not offended, just curious.
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