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Wow guys,

This post started quite a while back, and I started using braided office rubber from the start of returning to slingshots from since I was a kid. Because of THIS exact post. I reread it from the beginning, and even learned some more new stuff. I'm thinking these bands are ideal for shooting BB's.

Not to step on any toes, but what are the advantages of "chains"?. Once again I apologize if I offend anyone, but I see no advantage to them. It seems like braiding is the only way to go, for several reasons. There are NO knots anywhere in the whole shootin' match! And, like Charles said the things are pretty much self centering, giving consistent pouch center, easy to attach at the pouch, and easy to attach at the fork. And easy to adjust draw weight. I have tied them on with paracord through the holes in my frame, and works like new money! I'm not interested in any speed records or trophies or what have you. They seem to get the job


So, what are the advantages to chained bands?

I also, aplaude you guys teaching the kids about slingshots, safety, and responsibility. I have a project. A young man I know who is about 12 years old, and has a d!ck for a Dad. Dad doesn't seem to have much time to be fooling with the kid, and it is very sad cause the boy seems to be turning out OK in spite of how his Dad is. The boy likes me, and I take the time to talk to him about "his stuff", you know, his kind of just stuff he wants to talk about. So I'm going to show him about slingshots and safety. He seems to be a calm, cool, and collected kid. Wish his Dad was---at least one of the three. Dad and Mom all divorced, Mom with new Husband, and a brand new baby boy, and all that drama crap that goes with it. Anyway I talked to his Mom and Step Dad about the slingshot, and they were cool with the idea. Step Dad is pretty cool and level headed. They know that me and him will be going through the safety and responsibility aspects of the sport. He'll have his own safety glasses, and I won't allow him to shoot without them, when he's around me, and hopefully whenever he is shooting . I hope teaching him something this simple will at least teach him some measure of responsibility and reliability, as well as some fun for the kid, and even me! He does help take care of his baby brother, so He has a good bit of responsibility right there. He has had a rough life and it makes me feel sad about it. But, I even talked to his real Dad about it, and even he is OK with it. The man seems to have quite a bit of respect for me--I guess it could be because I've known him about half his life. He's probably about 40 years old now, and I am 56. Or, it could be that "respect the old man" thing. Or it could be that I might slap the taste out of his mouth, thang! Ha ha! Anyway, I think helping the kids is GREAT! Please continue to teach these guys as you can. I believe it (WE) can make a difference in some of these kids lives

Bravo Men, Bravo.

Sorry for the long winded Ramble-on.

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