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As of November 9th I’ve been a member of the Forum for 12 years but have only posted around 1,300 times.
If you were to subtract 300-400 of those as being one or two liners related to encouraging contestants in the half dozen or so contests that I have hosted then my yearly average has been well under 100 posts per year.
I’m proud of that number.
I marvel at those who crank out thousands of posts in a year or many thousands in a few years. There are exceptions to this of course. (One of the several exceptions is Tag who is a World Class Encourager - I’ve got nothing but admiration and appreciation for Tag.)
Every post I have ever written has been grounded in the knowledge I have gained through experience and experimentation and near-obsessive consideration of assorted variables within the sport.
I have only a scroll saw and something like a Dremel (I’m a retired dentist), a knife and assorted grades of sandpaper. No vise - every slingshot I have ever made has been made in my lap.
I’ve made slingshots out of assorted types of wood stock, natural forks, walrus ivory, boiled leather, plastic, assorted micarta types, cow hoofs, horn, antler, bone and more.
I’ve built more naturals and off-set naturals than I can think of. Slingshots with built-in ball storage and magnetic dispensers. Push button dispensers. Double ended slingshots. BB Shooters that fit on a keyring. Keyring shooters with band storage compartments. Many slingshots that will unfold or be assembled from out of an Altoids tin (slingshots that disassemble, compact slingshots that hinge open, swivel and lock. (Love and still occasionally use my mini Altoids starship)).
I’ve taught Slingshot Building Classes and given away a hundred slingshots or more through the years.
I’ve cut hundreds and hundreds of bands of varying lengths and tapers ranging from full butterfly, which I shot for years, to half butterfly to “short” butterfly down to mini bands to fit keychain shooters.
For many years I chronographed nearly everything I made for the various loads and band combinations I built.
For ten years I cut and molded all of my pouches using assorted leathers.
I’ve shot mostly steel but have also both purchased and poured my own assorted lead loads as well.
And, for 10 years I’ve carried a slingshot in my pocket, literally, all of the time and, as a result, taken thousands of shots at times and in places that others simply never considered.
But, I’ve averaged fewer than a hundred “real”posts per year.
I like to think that when I do post that it is practical, helpful and grounded in experience. I hope I’m right.
It’s been a good 12 years!
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