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Psst! Hey buddy, you wanna see a baby mule?

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I almost don't want to post this right after Island Made posted that absolutely amazing bronze creation. From a technical perspective, that is one incredible piece of craftsmanship. Words seriously fail me, I'm so impressed.

So here's my meager contribution. I've been exploring smaller gapper slingshots. I like the pickle fork concept, but I'm still new at this, so I'm sticking with a gap for now.

What I did for this one was shrink down a mule to 80%. It's a proven design, and feels good in the hand, so I gave it a go.

Fork tips come in around 15mm, width is just about 70mm, gap is 40mm, length is just under 120mm.

Banded it with .6 precise 20-10. Active is around 200mm.

shooter side is black and blue layered g10. then there's a red vulcanized spacer, some grey spectraply (first time I've used this and I miss dymondwood terribly)and then black paper micarta on the back. Pins are carbon fiber.

I upped my paper micarta game on this one, and got a nice and shiny presentation. Shoots very well, but cramps my hand from being so small. It's pocketability and incredibly light weight more than make up for the discomfort.

Hope you all like it.

SPS is for size reference:

Computer Input device Black Guitar accessory Laptop

Material property Wood Metal High heels Office equipment

Computer Peripheral Computer keyboard Personal computer Netbook


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Great Job.:)
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