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PTFE ammunition

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I've not seen PTFE balls mentioned as practice ammo so here goes.

When choosing indoor ammo I think the most important consideration is finding something closely matching your outdoor ammo. This means technique developed indoors (like a good pouch release) should be transferable outdoors.

PTFE balls are available in a range of diameters - all the sizes of steel we shoot - meaning you can match your indoors and outdoors ammo exactly. PTFE is a particularly dense plastic (2.2 g/cm3). This means for a given size it has greater weight, not too light, unlike some other plastic practice ammo.

Downsides? Cost. About $2 each. Now, matching bands to PTFE ammo. An example:

A 9.5mm (3/8) PTFE ball weighs 0.99g
A 1/4" steel ball weighs 1.05g

Therefore band suggestions for shooting 1/4" steel apply the same.

To calculate the weight of a PTFE ball you can use these tools:
Volume of a sphere Calculator
Volume and Density to Mass Calculator


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Downsides? Cost. About $2 each.
That would be Rupees 320..... more than three times the cost of a 9mm round (the good stuff... the reloaded c%*p is even cheaper).... so yeah.. not happening.... :twocents:

For indoor shooting, I recommend using:

Grass Baize Rectangle Drinkware Recreation

It's just rolled up paper cylinders. They pack quite a wallop.. sure as heck more than the paper pellets that made us cry in school.... good for indoors.

And then there is this:

Tints and shades Astronomical object Circle Dew Moisture

Ball made out candy foil. Can also use aluminum foil. For indoor target practice. Flies true but won't break a window (hopefully). This one has a powder that's supposed to go bang on impact (it did not).

For serious ammo, we have plaster of paris balls:

Circle Saving Font Games Electric blue

They weigh more than a marble and are cheap as dirt.

Media player Audio equipment Portable media player Gadget Material property

Media player Gadget Audio equipment Gas Portable media player

Yes, I get you need to match your indoor ammo with your regular ammo... just saying there might be cheaper solutions than plastic balls worth over Rs.300 a pop. Nobody can save money like an Asian... :whisper:


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