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not crutial at all.

Slingshot is a rough 'projectile' tool no matter what high-tech are used in making it.

The accuracy depends mainly on the shooter. A few mm.doesn't matter at all.

For reference.
Depends on what you mean few mm. In my experiment it is important .I hold the slingshot sideways so if one of my band is shorter, then as I experienced it will pull the pouch faster and the ball will go either up or down of the target.
I try to put the bands on the pouch even both sides .Then I attache the other end to the fork and I let the pouch hang free while the slingshot is in horizontal position this way It hangs freely and I realy can see if 1 band is sorter then the other.
Also slingshot is basically very simple 1 Y shaped wood ,2 bands and a pouch but as I experianced there are manny things that needs to be look out for.esspecialy with tapered bands. If one shoots instinctively and not an experianced shooter might not see the different but I use the fork to aim and this way even I can see if my setup doesn't shoot the way it suppose to.(it happends many times)

What do you guys think about this ???
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