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All - I would like to preserve the history of this remarkable slingshot. I am hoping that Gary "Flatband" is willing to provide details. If anyone else wants to contribute to this history project, by all means!

If this was done in the past, is there a web page? Otherwise, I would like to know:

When did you design it?

What were your influences?

What was the state of the art at the time that you designed it (was it during the wrist rocket era? were there other ergo's, were ergo's popular at the time)

What tools do you use? hand tools? power tools?

what sort of finish?

Why board cut and not plywood?

Successes? Failures?

How many have you made over the years?

How many do you currently have?

Did you give them away? sell them?

Were there others using flatbands at the time?

What influenced you to use flatbands?

What slingshots were/are influenced by your designs?

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