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Results were fairly....disappointing to say the least. Trying to compare mental images of tube dimensions side by side proved to be a little less successful than already expected and what arrived was basically a roll of the tubing this rocket came with when new, minus the red coloring, so the draw was back to being heavier than Norwegian black metal. I slapped them on a Barnett Cobra and made a pouch out of a piece of leather that had been E6000'ed to a layer of the outside of one of those soft insulated lunch coolers since the only pouch here for big tubes has been turned into gypsy tabs, and got started.

Only one ball of each weight and a shoulder that had been slept on wrong the night before so four shots each. From the pouch tie to the tip of the fork is 7.25" and the draw seems to be a little under my length for regular frames judging where the fork tips sit relative to my hand, so say maybe just under 31"

213.5 grains

173.7 fps




252.2 grains





291.3 grains





435.2 grains





There's a little power there but the draw weight is nuts, hopefully sliding in 3/4" of 1842 and making a cocktail will prove useful for these cannon balls or more conventional ammo otherwise I'll have to finally make a three person slingshot and get crazy. If the cocktails show some positive results I'll post those but that's all for now, these straws are much heavier than I had hoped for so they're going into the stash

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I kinda figured as much but I'm a pretty dedicated anchor point shooter so launching these heavies is on the back burner for now. I tried shooting "tapers" and had some interesting results. About 3" of 5080 and about 4" of 1842 sticking out the end had 7/16" steel doing 180's with my normal draw and 220's with the tubes stretched to max at probably around 40" and both had a tolerable draw weight. Hopefully later tonight I can try with a few different variations of length combinations and find something useful
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