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RAINY DAY AGAIN!???? Been wanting to try a split frame for a while. Decided on a OPFS (ish) frame its something I can cut relatively fast. So the last day I was home cut and glued up some 1/2 inch beech I had laying around.

As you can see in the first pic the grain is the wrong direction ????, so here goes the second attempt. 20 degree offset and VOILA! first split frame

Got home from work this morning to RAIN! Well, I thought there goes my fun day. But to my surprise the wifey told me I could finish it inside YYYAAAYYY!????

Went with a little ergo on this one. Roughed out ready for finish sanding, clean up the lines and then off to the oil bath:)

Enjoy and stay safe.
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That looks really good, I shoot pfs on and off. Been liking a short draw OTT at the moment though.
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