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heres a project that may or may not interest ,making small containers from old soda,gatorade,hawaian punch,etc bottles,pretty simple,keeps thehands busy and are useful for carrying pills,ammo,small fishing kit for hobo reel,whatever, View attachment 350824 2 matching bottles with screw on caps and tools, View attachment 350825 mark neck of 1 bottle under the lip,about 1/2 as long as cap is deep, View attachment 350826 View attachment 350827 trimup neck till it snap fits in 1st lid, View attachment 350828 View attachment 350829 View attachment 350830 put glue around cut edge's lip, View attachment 350831 snap the cut side into 1st cap and let glue dry,and Voila! View attachment 350832 View attachment 350833 there you have it,simple keep busy project you can maybe actually use,hope this was entertaining and helpful.
That's a good idea I like it nice one 👍
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