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I was sitting around thinking about slingshots (as one does) and thought "I'd like to have a slightly recurved ttf shooter with a 2.5" outside width "
Nobody makes anything like that and I don't have much in the way of skillz or tools, so I let the idea lie for a while. Today it occurred to me that I have a couple of cheap recurved bent-wires that I bought right before we moved. I wondered if I could squish them down a little with channel lock pliers and attach some long skinny flats with rubber plugs like I have on the Gapper.
Turns out I could!
The impetus behind this mod was that I love shooting my Gapper design ttf but that's not what I designed it for, so it's compromised. I have to bend my wrist back and hold it funny to get it square to the target and it leads to sloppiness after a bunch of shots. Also, forkhits still aren't impossible and I really like that frame, so I spend some mental energy worrying about that.
No such worries with this one! It's both ugly (reminds me of a basset hound from the front. Not in a good way) and tough and it has a bigger gap without being wider on the outside.
Early shooting tests are very positive. Very comfortable and natural hold and good accuracy. Much more testing to come!


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