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Here is a catty design that I came across in my infancy (now only a toddler) and copied the design to know what all the fuss was about, "this design and that design".

You see, I have a propensity to want to know how it all works and what is best, and in this case, for my style, but couldn't afford (or wasn't about) to buy every design I was seeing. So in a inquisitive and creative frenzy I copied the design off the web, probably this forum, I don't know for sure, and made one of my first cattys.

Very shortly before the Alverton Tournament I found out, the design I most likely saw, was a Bunny Buster creation. I felt like I was ripping someone off but I am not using it to profit. So as I have already told Tom, I feel guilty about using his idea in an effort to know what slingshot designs are all about. I can thank him for being a great guy and not making me feel like a schmuck when I confessed.

Tom has very good designs!!!

Using his design, and others helped me to find a design, I love to shoot. This one is very nice to shoot too!!

Toy Gesture Finger Thumb Glove

By the way the spray paint that I used was Rust- OLeum, High Performance Enamel. Very nice to work with, relatively thick for a spraypaint and not as prone to run as others. It is an industrially suited paint.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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