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Redcoats save the weekend with cool sling mail

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Got this in The mail yesterday this want to be Idaho mountain man loves the brits this weekend
Been after a bocote opfs to add to my table top Display collection and this one has good history
The wood was stabilized by whippet sent to RichNewm he built it "good guy " he gifted it o Mr. MUZ
Who gifted it to me "sorry" ends there love it . Now for the surprise attack by the Brits in the middle of the night kinda like Washington at Xmas night total surprise he threw in extra stuff in the package yes a flex conus is that Effen cool or what been wanting one , I have and dearly love Bonegrip flex grip pfs x2 and bonegrip wide and now a conus flex . Not too often does a red coat make me smile but Mr. Muz has made me one happy man this weekend . O ya the rock thrower sling will be used a lot mine was made in the 70's
Time to retire her for this new one . Lol so nice mail !!!!!!!
Thanks mr. Muz

Luggage and bags Gold Bag Shoulder bag Rectangle

Oya Nugget "Texas cattle dog " loves his flex also flex peanut butter ball holder I bought him a cow leg bone because we got sling mail so he loves the redcoats also
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