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I took the thin plastic hollow handles off this wrist rocket. Replaced them with aged cherry. The side that is in your palm still has the bark on it. I distressed/aged the one piece solid aluminium handle and forks. It has a really nice weight too it. The nice clean smooth natural edge wood has a good contrast to the distressed aluminium handle. I engraved my company which is also my motto NSFC Never Settle For Common down the center core. Its epoxied and pined with cherry dowels.

I dont shoot this kind of sling so if any one is interested let me know . It comes with extra bands and a black canvas bag with ammo pouch, and a tan leather ammo holder with a magnet hole in the bottom. Cable Wire Electronics accessory Fashion accessory Metal
Eyewear Natural material Wood Jewellery Metal
Pliers Bicycle part Tool Needle-nose pliers Office supplies
Body jewelry Natural material Jewellery Feather Bracelet
Brown Luggage and bags Eye glass accessory Bag Sunglasses
Brown Bag Amber Eyewear Wire


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Nice re-do Bud!
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