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If you shoot a 9.5 mm steel ball at some 65 m/s from a fork that is 1.5 m high at a target that is 15 m away and whose center is 1.5 m high then you should elevate your shooting angle so that your "bore line" - and in this case "slingshot line" - is pointed to some 26.3 mm above the target center.

If you shoot the same system but at some 75 m/s then you need to point your slingshot at some 19.7 mm above the target center.

Obviously, the second case is easier since your elevation point is closer to the target (ideally you should point your slingshot at the very target center and hit it - maybe with a laser beam)...

The more interesting point for me is this: how does one reach higher velocity, as in the second example above: if I do it myself by using more power I get WORSE results no matter my velocity is higher, simply because my hand is not so steady and this condition worsens with power.

The only way I get more velocity is by using lighter ammo and/or extending my draw length.


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