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Hi folks
Today I had to do a repair on a pocketshooter...and a Hammermil, because of serious fork hits from a customer. Apparently, he was shooting rocks out of them or something.
Now...the once Hammermil..can shoot rocks or anything without destroying it...and the pocket shooter is opened up by 3/8 in the throat.. maybe he will now take my advice and shoot 3/8 steel balls through it.
I repaired and modified both of these for a very small, nominal fee.
The old HM has stainless steel tubing and surgical rubber tubes on it.
The pocketshooter has double gold, theraband flatbands on it.
I can fix anything other than a broken heart :0

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Same here, can't wait.

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Perhaps we should start a hall of shame thread for pics of forkhit, breakage, other forms of embarassingly unintended damage ?
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