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I tried pinch grip once before and decided it wasn't for me so went back to hammer grip using a mix of Barnett frames and some naturals. Start of this week I thought I'd give pinch grip another try. I'm pleased I did because I found a frame and band set-up which really clicks with me.

This is it:

Ordered Tuesday, delivered Wednesday (well done wasp slingshots), shooting yesterday and today.

A Wasp UniPhoxx with a light-draw 15-10 .54 GZK bandset attached using matching UniPhoxx clamps. It's a fabulous little thing. Quality of product design and manufacture is outstanding. I put this set-up together for shooting light ammo weighing around 1.0 grams or 15.5 grains. With 6mm steel they zip at impressive speed! I'm also going to try 5.5mm lead balls.

Now I just have to practice my pinch grip more, getting there, shooting 'instinctively'.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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