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Interested in seeing the new technology of something that has been around for thousands of years.

Not sure how old or young the members here are, as I come back to my childhood stuff.

Here to learn, Thanks
Welcome to the forum!

Lots of old guys here - many of us returning to childhood stuff. You will fit right in.

Sorry for nit-picking but I am something of a history/anthropology nerd. There is a fairly common misapprehension that slingshots are prehistoric. This is true for archery, shepherd's slings, atlatls, blowguns and other human powered weapons. Slingshots rely on rubber bands. Charles Goodyear invented the rubber vulcanization process in 1841. Rubber bands were patented in 1845. Hodges' catapult gun was invented c. 1849. Leach's trench catapult was first manufactured in 1915. The Zip Zip slingshot, generally considered the first commercially manufactured slingshot, was manufactured in 1918.

Thus, the desire to launch objects is as old as humankind. Slingshots, relying on rubber bands, derive from that ancient desire, but are more modern than most other weapons.

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Welcome, I think we are very similar. I shot tons and tons as a kid and a teen- my trusty wrist rocket was one of my most prized possessions. The get busy with life and a few decades later I am rediscovering the magic as I look forward to retirement. I got going about a year ago- turned out to be a great pandemic pass time. I hope you enjoy your return to slinging and the forum- tons of great experience here. I have enjoyed taking advantage while catching up on what changed over the decades I was busy elsewhere.
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