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Good day

I got this week Two "Uniphoxx Enzo" and I did 3 days shooting with it. I did the shooting OTT style. Why I got two ?, because I like to setup one with heavy configuration for hunting and one with a light configuration for target shooting and I think it is part of my addiction :) when I buy a slingshot, I like to get two and not just one.

Here are my comments

  1. Very nice slingshot and light.
  2. Very accurate once you find your anchor point. If you fit your pinky in the hole, you will be able to hold it the same way each time, this will increase your accuracy.
  3. Small and very packable. It is it is small enough to fit in your pocket
  4. Elongated pinky hole, better than older Wasp
  5. It is a nice add-on to my collection.

Frame specifications :

14 mm in Thickness - 89mm Fork width - 22mm Fork tips - 45mm Fork gap 128mm O/A Length

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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