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Review: Flatband Ergo

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This is my review of the Flatband Ergo.

First off, I got the maple version of the Ergo. The bands are Linatex in 3/4 x 1/16 and have good pull weight for their power. The bands are of course attached in the Over The Top method. They were attached very well, using attachment bands that were the same color as the Linatex that came on it. It had a forefinger notch and a thumb groove on the frame, making it very easy to hold. The handle itself was tapered to one side, which allowed me to get a better grip on it. The tops of the prongs were rounded in the direction of the bands, which helps reduce strain on the bands. I'll bet that it probably increases the life of the bands significantly. The slingshot is smaller than I thought based on the picture, and that is a good thing. It fits in the pocket very well. It also fits perfectly in my hands despite being small (I have large hands.) The pouch is very well made with smooth leather on the inside, and rough leather on the outside. This allows for a good grip when pulling, but does not hinder the projectile on launch. The pouch also has two dimples to hold the ammo in place. I have to say that the pouch on this is the best I have ever tried.

Fit & Finish:
The beauty of this slingshot is the details. A lot of detailed effort went into the design and finishing of this. It is obvious that no effort was spared. The maple looks beautiful, and the varnish on it seems very good quality. The Flatband logo is written on it in a very classy way, and it is visible on both sides. It has a very "custom" feel (or bespoke as the Europeans like to put it), like a master craftsman made it.

It is very powerful, nearly as powerful as my Saunders Pro with Black Mambas. That is surprising since the Pro has extended arms. This is the first time I have tried Linatex bands, and I have to say that I love the thickness of them. They allow for quick reloads because the single thick bands don't get twisted up easily like double bands have the tendency to do. It is very accurate, as would be expected. The curved prong tops could possibly help with accuracy, but they definitely seem to help with band slap.

Overall I highly recommend this slingshot!
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Feb 07 2010 02:44 AM

I love the Flatband slingshot I got from Gary. It is a very well thought out design. My only complaint is that I didn't but two of them. I have shot mine so much I have had to shorten the bands twice from the rubber (Linatex) breaking at the pouch. Now it shoots really fast! I think the next time they break I will replace them though.
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