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So, I got the Brown Hunter Catapult. It is made from Hardwood laminate, with what appears to be 13 layers. The stain on it is called "Jacobean Oak", and it is a deeper brown as the name suggests. This thing is quite small, with the ram being under 3" wide at its widest and 5" tall! It will fit in virtually any size pocket! The pouch is fairly large (93mm wide), which would allow for using larger than normal ammo. The pouch is white on the inside, and brown on outside. It also has a ammo centering hole in the center. Its prongs are rounded over the top on both sides(reduced band wear and hand slap), and uses Thera Band Gold for its bands. The bands are roughly 28mm at the frame, and taper to roughly 23mm at the pouch. Both at the frame and the pouch, the bands are folded in two. This is partially becasue of the small size of the frame. The prongs are roughly 17mm wide, so the bands need to be folded over. These bands are VERY powerful. This is a very manly slingshot, and needs you to have a firm grip to control it.

Fit and Finish:
The finish of it is very even, with the sanding very evenly done. The detailing is very nice, with the prongs tapering down slightly. The band ties are matching Thera Band gold, which I prefer over cotton string.

This thing is very rewarding. It is very powerful. Once you figure out how to get your fingers braced well, you will find that you are quite accurate, and the speed is astounding!

Overall, I would say that this is a good addition to any collection!
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