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I just got the Tex-Shooter Express bands that I ordered! Very excited to test them out I went out and did a little shooting. Here is my review:

I have to say that these are well made bands, and consist of two latex strips on each side. The tie on the pouch seems to use a natural fiber thread, and is tied (from what I can tell) using a secure constrictor knot. The pouch is smaller than average, which Bill says give you higher ammo velocity due to reduced mass. The pouch has a single centered pocket for the ammo, which should keep the ammo on target all the way through the band retraction. The bands are thick, but pliable. According to my micrometer, the combined thickness of the bands on each side is .06".

Fit and Finish:

The cuts on the bands are impeccable, they are perfectly cut. The leather on the pouch is medium thickness and is textured like a short pile suede. The leather is somewhat stiff, but not too stiff. It is similar in stiffness to commercial pouches. The dimple in the middle is very well defined, I assume that it was formed with water or heat.

These things FLY! I was getting killer speeds out of my Saunders Falcon-2! My unscientific feeling is that it was faster than the speeds I got with the Mamba bands on my Saunders Pro. They were really that fast. Unfoutunatly, I am not a good enough shot to rate accuracy from one band to the next. However, they seemed every bit as accurate as other flat bands out there. The pull weight vs power ratio seems very good. I would have expected the pull to be higher considering the speed!

Overall, I highly recommend these bands!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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