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I am the same. Right handed and left-eyed. I just shoot with a right hand hold. In the begining it was a bit of a fumble especially with loading the pouch but after a while it became second nature and natural.

I can shoot with a left hand hold if I want to but I prefer not to. Target acquisition takes a little longer and I need a fraction more time to transition focus from my dominant eye. And even when I do, there is always some doubt and uncertainty. So imo it's not natural but a contrived effort. Problems crop up when trying to make quick shots on targets of opportunity. I just can't make that happen quick enough and will probably get a fork hit.

So, long story short, I just learned to shoot with a right hand hold and I shoot better overall. Heavy bands are no issue once you build up strength and dexterity with the left hand.

Just commit to shooting with right hand hold and practice. It's not difficult at all and it will become the norm and natural quicker than you might think...
I'm exactly the same. It took some doing, but overall it was definitely worth the effort.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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