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I am also righthanded and left eye dominant.

If I want to shoot heavier bands (say, 4 kg and up) where precision is not so important, then I hold the frame in my left hand - as I should do it also if I were right eye dominant - since the dominant hand has to do a very difficult task here: to hold a ball across its diameter which makes contact area with your fingers of only couple of square millimeters - a more difficult task than holding a frame with a full grip. In this case my dominant eye is off the bands, therefore precision suffers.

If I go for target shooting then I switch hands; in that case my bands are lighter (probably up to 3.5 kg) and my non-dominant hand has a lighter job to do - to hold the ball; the right, dominant hand is simply fine here but my dominant eye is leaning close to the bands and I have better shooting results.

Now you probably ask what if I need both power and precision - then I would say I am sc...ed.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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