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The solar eclipse of June 21 (Sunday) would be fully visible in Karachi... will be visible from Australia to Europe, as well as to people in Central Asia and Asian countries.

This is an Annular eclipse ... that's when the moon isn't close enough to the earth to completely block out the sun. The outer edge of the sun will be seen as a "Ring of Fire". This also makes the eclipse extra dangerous.

Medical experts have advised people to stay indoors during the eclipse as rays would be extremely dangerous for two hours.

"The sun's rays can put a black spot on the retina of those who see the eclipse directly," say medical experts adding that children need special care during the eclipse.

It's getting dark outside now.

The setup on my roof (all pics courtesy of me brother who has zero interest in slingshots)...

Sky Plant Tree Motor vehicle Shade

The ongoing eclipse.

Sky Automotive lighting Cloud Plant Astronomical object

Astronomical object Automotive lighting Circle Font Symbol

Crescent Moon Astronomical object Sky Eclipse

Looks like Pacman....

Moon Crescent Astronomical object Font Eclipse

Now is starting to look like our flag.... only this is the sun not the moon.


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Nothing to see here. :(

Apparently the best place to see the eclipse was Uttarakhand, India where a perfect solar halo around the moon could be observed.

We've had to make do with the Summer Solstice, another sun-event, marking the longest day of the year for most of the northern hemisphere.

The summer solstice is important to Druids and Pagans who celebrate at Stonehenge. The rising sun aligns with the stone circle in the morning - very cool. Those Neolithics (4000BC to 2500BC) were clever people.

The stone circle is now cordoned off (shame..) but in previous years you could get among the stones.


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