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Not a tube expert in the slightest. Hardly a novice. So probably best to wait for an expert to show up. Lol

But I like to max my tubes out. Usually puts them at a 5.5:1 ratio. Depends somewhat on the diameter too. Like 1632 I cut more to 6:1 and 1745 ends up closer to 5:1. You could always cut them a little long. Try it out. Then trim them down if you need to.

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Good advice already.

I shoot flats and tubes and solid round latex. I usually aim for cut that's about 1/4 my draw length. But like @Craigbutnotreally said, the lighter stuff often get more stretch than the heavy stuff. It's pretty well accepted that more stretch provides more performance at the cost of durability. And, in my humble option, the less aggresive stretch ratios just seem more consistent.

Target and plinking setups are often set up with less stretch than hunting setups. The exception being if the lower stretch setup drops the point of impact behind the top fork - then trimming the latex will add speed and raise the point of impact.

As previously mentioned, starting with a longer cut and trimming to find your sweet spot is a time honored path to happiness.

Enjoy the journey!
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