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I grew up just south of Asheboro, NC, and was fortunate to meet Rufus on several occasions. I have two original Rufus Hussey slingshots that I am interested in selling. Both came directly from Rufus when he was at the Asheboro Fall Festival in 1989 (I'm pretty sure about the year, as I'll explain later).

The first one is a standard size and is marked as "Derringer HH Special." It has his name on the front of the left fork. His initials are on the butt of the handle along with the serial number 9,683. It still has the original rubber which is severely dried and cracked and the original leather pouch. With the exception of the rubber being cracked and dried, they are just as they were when they left his possession.

The second slingshot is VERY small "Stork" model. Rufus made these and gave them to ladies who were expecting a child. He gave this one to my mom when she was pregnant with my soon to be sister. This is how I know it was the fall of 1989. It is also completely original with rubber bands and leather pouch. Nothing has been changed about it. The handle is labeled as "Stork #11•257." His name is on the front of the left fork and his initials are on the butt of the handle. This is obviously not a serious shooter like the other one, but pretty cool nevertheless.

I'm attaching pics. I'm open to selling them separately or together. Shoot me an offer if you are interested. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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