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Iv'e been trying to save for a good compound bow but have not been to successful. I totally forgot that I had one of these in storage. After getting it out and playing with it I thought that Maybe I could shoot arrows through it if I added a whisker biscuit. Once I did that it shot them real well, but accuracy was hard to figure out, so I added a sight from an old compound bow and it works amazingly! can't get enough of it. Only thing left to do is find some Good bands. I went out and bought some speargun bands but they didn't have the trajectory I was after but had a good initial kick. my flat bands have the trajectory but not enough power. so i linked them together and came up with what seems to be working really well. the arows travel far, quick and accurately along with the whisker biscuit guiding them. Looking forward to the comments about this... :unsure:. :lol:



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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